1. Manually folded 60 foot wheel boom.

2. Four 8" x 20.5" tires, mounted.

3. 49 nozzles on 15" spacing (other desired spacings upon request). Nozzle components are TeeJet® holders, TeeJet® modules, and TeeJet® spray tips. All components have quick-change features.

4. Manual nozzle height adjustment. Parallel linkage holds nozzle in vertical position regardless of height setting.

5. ACE FMC-150-HYD-206 Series hydraulic motor driven centrifugal pump, output to 100 GPM. Includes hydraulic oil hoses from pump to tractor remote outlets.

6. RHS Foam marker system, with cab mounted control.

7. Sprayer control unit with three electrically activated solenoid valves, for individual operation of left, right and center boom sections. Also included is a 50 mesh filter, manifold, separate hand valve for constant tank agitation and cab mounted control console. The control console has a pressure gauge.

Note: Other options are possible with different pumps, spray nozzles, tips, and markers. Ask for quotes on the system you prefer.

#22720 Field Star 600 Spray System N/A
#22450 Solution Cart 1000 N/A
#23435 Field Star 603 Spray System N/A