Field Star 600 Series

Now spray 51 acres per hour at 7 mph.

Disconnect tractor fast for other field operations.

These wheel booms attach to the 1000 gallon Solution Cart, or attach 3-point to your tractor with saddle tanks. These Field Star units fold manually to a compact road transport width of 7' 5" or unfolded in about 5 minutes. The four wheel supported sections ride on hydraulic shock absorbers and comfortably follow land contours or terraces, achieving excellent spray pattern accuracy.
The main frame is constructed from rugged 3" x 3/16" square tubing for dependable strength. A 1 1/4" square tube holds the spray nozzles. The nozzle height is easily adjustable from 13" to 28" with the boom in low position and 25" to 40" in the high position. Tubeless 8" tires on 20" rims will take the tough work in the fields, and they are approved for highway speeds. Tapered roller bearings are used for minimum maintenance.

Field Star 603

Field Star 603 is a 60 Ft. wheel boom, three point mounted. Ideal for flat or terraced fields.

Field Star 600

Field Star 600 is a 60 Ft. wheel boom sprayer and tank with excellent accuracy for contoured or terraced fields.
Fast adjustment of spray nozzle height.
Quickly attaches to Solution Cart 1000.
Rapidly folds to narrow width for highway travel.