Tanks and Accessories
Polyethylene Agri-Tanks From Snyder
Multi-Purpose Tanks For A Multitude Of Jobs

Snyder manufactures a number of horizontal tanks that are designed for adaptability to a variety of applications. Each of these versatile multi-purpose tanks are cylindrical in configuration with the horizontal reinforcing ribs and recessed ribs around the circumference to accommodate mounting straps. They are manufactured in varying lengths and diameters to provide the capacities and tank proportions required for different applications. 

Loaded With Standard Features

Snyder tanks offer more than strength and durability. Just look at the list of standard features that you get with Snyder horizontal tanks: 

  • Large openings for easy filling. 
  • Ultraviolet inhibitors that also help protect the tank and its contents from the sun's damaging rays. 
  • Easy-to-read molded-in gallonage indicators that provide a convenient way to determine the volume of the tank's contents. 
  • Strainer baskets at fill openings to aid in mixing wettable powders and keeps foreign matter out of the tank. 
  • In addition, many horizontal tanks feature: 
  • Sumps allow for complete drainage. 
  • The Mix-Minder System, with agitator and anti-vortex fittings, to provide smooth, even discharge and keep contents mixed. 
  • Reinforced rib design for extra body strength and stability.

    (High Density)

    Part No. Description ..........Price
    #14178 110 Gal Tank 30" x 50" $N/A

    #12296 110 Gal Cradle $N/A

    #26370 110 Gal Saddle $292.20

    #14179 200 Gal Tank 32" x 71" $301.45

    #12297 200 Gal Cradle $128.45

    #26370 200 Gal Saddle $292.20

    #14180 300 Gal Tank 38" x 72" $372.15

    #12298 300 Gal Cradle $145.13

    #26365 300 Gal Saddle $310.40

    #14181 400 Gal Tank 42" x 70" $CALL

    #12298 400 Gal Cradle $145.13

    #26735 400 Gal Saddle $441.89

    #14182 500 Gal Tank 48" x 75" $CALL

    #12300 500 Gal Cradle $177.78

    #22295 500 Gal Saddle $629.07


    Snyder offers a variety of skids, saddles, cradles and side mounts for use with multi-purpose horizontal tanks. With the appropriate mounting system, these multi-purpose tanks can be used as stationary storage or nurse tanks, or for liquid transport. 

    Saddles For Equipment Mounting

    Heavy-duty steel support sections. 

    includes two curved support sections with bands and padding for one tank.