CDS Flow Divider


Stand and Plumbing Kit 

(1) Mounting Stand 

(1) 1" Close Nipple (steel) 

(1) 1" 90° hose barb 

(1) U-Bolt w/ hardware 

#26061 Stand and Plumbing Kit $CALL

Liquid Flow Divider

This unique flow divider is designed to provide accurate division of product between outlets for high 180 gallons per hour per outlet, maximum, or low rates of 6 gallons per hour per outlet minimum. (Caution: 6 gallons/hour/outlet equals = 16 GPA at 6 MPH when 1 outlet is used per 6" spacing). A stainless spring-loaded piston automatically varies the outlet size as the pressure changes. Two or more flow dividers may be used in combination as required. 

  • Upper and lower bodies are made from investment cast 316 stainless steel. 
  • All 316 stainless steel parts with CDS's unique poly piston makes the CDS Flow Divider extremely durable, chemically resistant and internal parts are easy to maintain. 

  • #25330 12 outlet Flow Divider $CALL

    #25955 Repair Kit $CALL

    #15947 Diaphragm $CALL

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