Squeeze Pump/Piston Pump Drive Options

Ground Drive System

Ground-driven pump on a tool bar permits application of NH3 and liquids simultaneously. 

Our drive fits most square frames. Adjustment range when mounted on a 4" square frame is approximately 19" to 32" measured from the bottom of the bar to the ground. Universal mount allows vertical adjustments to fit chisels, three-point tool bars, field cultivators. Mounting plates accommodate pumps from 8 to 48 outlets. System comes complete with chain, 36-tooth, 18-tooth and 12-tooth sprockets.

Wheel and Tire Not Included.

NOTE: Will not work on Hiniker Cultivators.
#21500 $1,239.25

Wheel and Tire Not Included.
Sprocket Adaptor for 15" Wheel

Adaptor when welded to your rim will provide shaft to receive drive sprocket for ground drive.
#31538 $N/A

Piston Pump Ground Drive 

A Piston Pump is used in this system to apply liquids. Same features as above Ground Drive System.

Wheel and Tire Not Included.

#26160 $1,269.88

#25040 Complete Leaf Spring Assembly for Ground Drive $N/A
#11521 Long Leaf Spring  $N/A
#11520 Middle Leaf Spring  $N/A
#11519 Short Leaf Spring  $N/A
#11537 Sleeve Pin  $N/A
#13364 Idler Block  $N/A
#20981 Hub with Bearings  $N/A

Wheel and Tire Not Included.
Hydraulic Piston Pump Drive 

Piston Pump is driven by your tractor hydraulic system. Fits 4" and 7" square frames. All hydraulic fittings, motor, and shutoff valve included. 
#26345 $1,480.12