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Squibb-Taylor Hose End Valve
Intended for NH3 or LP-gas hose end service. 1/4" FNPT side outlet (plugged). (AL-343)
#25195 $488.25
#25384 $84.48

Hydrostatic Relief Valves are designed to relieve liquid pressure in valves, hoses, or piping. The liquid section of all anhydrous ammonia systems wherein liquid may be trapped (such as piping between two shutoff valves, or the transfer hose on loading risers and on nurse tanks) should be protected with hydrostatic relief valves.

Stainless Steel 9/16" Hex, 1/4" MPT 11/8" long Set for 375 psi, (A-400)
#20376  $26.84

Dust Cap

for safety relief valve
#10284 (A-402NDCC) (3/4") $4.39
#15464 A-417DCC) (1-1/4") $7.83

Applicator & Nurse Tank Valve

Manual Filler Vapor Valve
HIGH FLOW, manual shutoff valve for applicators and/or nurse tanks. Designed for use as a filler, vapor, or liquid withdrawal valve.

Valve with 1/4" plug installed (A-1201). (Can be fitted with relief valve or bleeder valve.)
#20371 $166.71

Squibb-Taylor "Hi-Flo"

Series Tank Valve

Required in 3 opening applicator tanks.
#23380 $472.75
#23379 Repair Kit for Squibb Valve $25.11

Safety Relief Valves

Install Safety Relief Valves above the maximum liquid fill level of NH3containers. Designed to open gradually for relief of moderately excessive pressure, accelerating to full discharge capacity as pressure increases.
#20377 3/4" MPT Inlet $52.32
#25463 1-1/4" MPT Inlet $201.21


For 1-3/4" Male Acme

Connector. (22-71F)
#10375 $.65

Combination Filler & Liquid Withdrawal ValveContinental A-1205 Filler & Liquid Withdrawal Valve provides a positive manual shut-off stem and seat. Filler & Liquid Valve (A-1205), 1" FPT Outlet.
#20370 $249.99

Continental Tank Valve Parts

Continental Repair Kit For Tank Valves Contains seals, packing and parts for repair of valves illustrated.

(Continental A-2212RK)
#20283 $20.92

This kit is for the repair of Continental valves listed below:

A-211 A-1204 A-1385 A-2275

A-212 A-1250 A-2201 A-2285

A-213 A-1275 A-2202 A-2350

A-214 A-1285 A-2204 A-2375

A-1201 A-1350 A-2250 A-2385

A-1202 A-1375

CAUTION: When replacing teflon stem packing be sure to remove all burrs and sharp edges from stem -- otherwise new "V" ring packing may be damaged.