RAVENĘ Accu-Flow Replacement Parts
Sprayer Control Replacement PartsWith the ACCU-FLOW attachment, the Raven SCS 440 Automatic Sprayer Control gives you the most effective method of incorporating NH3. However, the SCS440 can also be used, without the ACCU-FLOW attachment, on spraying equipment for all liquid chemicals and fertilizer. It's easy to install on conventional sprayers as well as specially rigged applicators . . . for all volumes from ultra-low to high. 
26052Console Kit, #444-1FWD-55A$PLEASE CALL
116791Master Switch, 412-2011-046  Special Order
16792Boom Switch, 412-2011-047 Special Order
316793Adj. Switch, 412-2011-049 Special Order
416794Rate 1/Rate 2/Man. Switch, 412-2011-050 Special Order
516795Power Switch, 412-2011-048 Special Order
616796Mounting Bracket, 106-0159-437 Special Order
716797Mounting Knob, 106-0159-438 Special Order
816798Fuse Holder, 510-2001-018 Special Order
916799Fuse, 15 Amp, 510-1003-003 Special Order
1016054Console Control Cable, 115-0159-418 Special Order
1116055Flow Control Cable, 6', 115-0159-404 Special Order
11 16056Flow Control Cable, 12', 115-0159-405  Special Order
1316057Flow Ext. Cable, 12', 115-0159-409 Special Order
1316058Flow Ext. Cable, 24', 115-0159-414 Special Order
2216046SCS 440 Console, 063-0159-531Special Order

Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement Parts
16537Red Magnet Assy, North, 063-0159-402 Special Order
216538Black Magnet Assy, South, 063-0159-403 Special Order
316815Sensor Assy, 21' Std, 063-0159-438 Special Order
121606024' Speed Sensor Cable, ext, 115-0159-018 Special Order
131605912' Speed Sensor Cable, ext, 115-0159-032 Special Order
1" Fast Valve Replacement Parts
26540 1"Fast Valve Assy, 063-0171-155N/A
1168101" BALL VALVE, 334-0001-0120Special Order
316811COUPLER, 107-0159-608Special Order
4168121/4-20 x 1/2" Cap Screw, 311-0068-064 Special Order
626805Valve Motor w/ Cover, 063-0171-158 Special Order
RFM 55A/55 Flow Meter Replacement Parts
16049RFM 55 NH3 Flow Meter Assy, 063-0159-572N/A
16820RFM 55 Liquid Flow Meter Assy, 063-0159-571N/A
Two Valve System:
26050Regulating Valve, 063-0159-557N/A
26051Shut-off Valve, 063-0159-500N/A
316806O-Ring, But, NH3, 219-0006-030Special Order

16817O-Ring, VitonĘ, LIQ, 219-0002-030 Special Order
42653955/55A Transducer XDCR, 063-0159-749 Special Order
51654255/55A Turbine, 117-0159-020 Special Order
16807Turbine Hub/Bearing, NH3, 063-0171-343Special Order

16819Turbine Hub/Bearing, LIQ, 063-0359-563 Special Order
1680855A Turbine Stud Assy, 063-0159-570 Special Order
16809O-Ring, Butyl, NH3, 219-0000-041 Special Order

16818 O-Ring, VitonĘ, LIQ. 219-0000-042Special Order