for more accurate NH3 Application

Knife in too little anhydrous and you sacrifice yield. Too much and you waste money. That's why the Raven SCS440 Automatic Sprayer Control, with the ACCU-FLOW attachment, is by far your best answer. You definitely control the exact amount of NH3 you run through the system at all times with this proven technology.


There is always a certain amount of gas formed in any anhydrous ammonia fertilizer system, and this cannot be metered. However, the Raven ACCU-FLOW attachment, as part of the SCS440 Automatic Sprayer Control System, changes all gas back to liquid before it gets to the meter. This allows you to measure 100% of the NH3. Without the ACCu-FLOW attachment, you don't know how much anhydrous ammonia is being added to your soil. Easily mounts on your equipment. Cooler can be disassembled for cleaning and preventative maintenance.
26048 Complete, 5,000 lbs/hr Console & Attachment $Special order
26047 Complete, 7,600 lbs/hr Console & Attachment $Special order
26802 5,000 lbs/hr System, less Console  $Special order
26803 7,600 lbs/hr System, less Console  $Special order
26800 5,000 lbs/hr Complete GPS Compatable  $Special order
26801 7,600 lbs/hr Complete GPS Compatable  $Special order

Extremely Accurate

Set the per acre rate and you get that exact rate on every acre. Variations in speed, temperature, tank pressure and terrain make no difference. The Raven SCS440 Automatic Sprayer Control has the fastest control valve response time of any system on the market. This is one reason it's more accurate. Rates can be displayed in either gal. p/acre or actual pounds of N per acre.

16046 3-section Console $Special order
16804 3-section Console w/GPS $Special order

Two Rates
You can program two different application rates with this system. Simply switch from Rate 1 to Rate 2 and back to Rate 1 again anytime you wish.

Note: A complete system requires plumbing from nurse tank to ACCU-FLOW, and distribution manifold.