Hydraulic NH3 Shut-Off Valve

Operates On Tractor Hydraulics

Shut-Off will function on pressure of 200 to 2500 PSI. Just plug into tractor's hydraulic system with the optional hose assembly. This is a hydraulically operated Ball valve with 1" inlet and 1" outlet. It also features an on-off indicator flag. This valve may be used with any type meter. Hydraulic connections are threaded to accept 1/8" male pipe fittings. Hydraulic lines may be connected directly to your tractor or in series with implement lifts.
#21267 N/A

Parts List is found in Hard Copy of catalog
Seal Kit (K1-100)

(Seal Kit repairs hydraulic fluid leaks) Includes:
(2) O-Rings
(4) Back up rings
(1) Gasket-cover
(2) End cap seals
(1) Seat/set
(1) Stem seal
(1) Thrustwasher
#20349 N/A
Stem Kit (K2-100

(Stem Kit repairs NH3 leaks) Includes:
(2) Stem nuts
(1)  Stem arm
(2) Belleville washers
(1) Follower washer
(1) Thrust washer
(1) Stem seal
(1) Stem
#24705 N/A

2-Way Hydraulic Diverter Valve for use when more hydraulic outlets are needed. Valve includes (2) pair 1/2" outlets and (1) pair of 1/2" inlets. 
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