Continental Vertical Dam Manifold System
"What you don't know could be killing your profits."

The latest design in NH3 distribution manifolds: The Vertical Dam manifolds in conjunction with the Separator Vertical Dam effectively deal with the "Vapor Villain," and thus promote an even distribution of NH3 across the entire swath.

Continental's revolutionary Vertical Dam concept (patent pending), temporarily separates a substantial amount of vapor from the liquid. This gives the liquid a chance to evenly distribute to each liquid orifice before the separated vapor rejoins it through individiual vapor orifices. In this way, vapor loss is effectively neutralized, and an even distribution to each applicator hose is greatly enhanced.

NOTE: The higher the manifold pressures (up to 75% of tank pressure) the better. Manifold efficiency peaks at 75% of tank pressure. Surpassing 75% will not produce any better results.

A-MVD Manifold $193.32 

Separates the vapor from the liquid in order to allow the NH3 to divide evenly across the entire swath. Different manifold ring outlets are available. Hose barbs are included. Pressure gauge sold separately. 

See chart on page 35 to select body and ring

A-SVD Separators

Divides the metered ammonia into 3 or 4 outlets. This eliminates the long and cumbersome length of applicator hoses. Ammonia is divided in the same manner as the A-MVD manifold. Pressure gauge sold separately.
#25273 3-outlets (3600 lbs/hr) $381.96
#25274 4-outlets (4800 lbs/hr)  $381.96
#25740 5-outlets (6000 lbs/hr) $381.96


The manifold first creates a vortex by throwing the ammonia into a counter-clockwise direction (see A) around the vertical dam (see B). This forces the liquid to the outside of the vertical dam (see C) and channels the vapor through the center of the manifold (see D). At this point, the liquid evenly divides to each outlet because there is little vapor to interfere with the path of the liquid. The vapor then rejoins the liquid inside each outlet port (see E).