Meter Repair Kits, Rope Pulls, Repair And Rebuilding Services

Model A9500 

Order Repair Kit #21592

Model B9500 

Order Repair Kit #24837

Repair Kit for Customer Installation

Contains most parts necessary for routine field service of Meter Matics, including "O" rings, dial lock pin, Teflon packing, diaphragm, and seat assembly as indicated in the drawing. 

Continental Repair Kits 
#20324 Repair Kit, AB 6000 RS $N/.A
#20323 Repair Kit, AB 6500 RS $N/A
#20363 Repair Kit, B 7200 RS $52.07
#21495 Repair Kit, B 9500 RS $63.00
#24348 Repair Kit, A 4125 RS $N/A
#24837 Repair Kit for B9500 with Rotary, R 9590 RS  $N/A
#21592 Repair Kit for A9500 Hyd. Cylinder, A 2590 RS  $N/A
Continental Meter Rope Pull (less bonnet) 
#25456 $N/A


Send us your complete meter with rope pull, 

LESS the half union, union nut, filter pull assembly and strainer screen. 

Rebuilt Meter Exchange Program
Available only in exchange for your Continental meter. Each rebuilt Continental meter has been cleaned, inspected and assembled with all worn parts replaced as required. Rebuilt meters carry one-year warranty.
Only B-Series Meter Matics later than 1970 can be rebuilt. Some parts not available for A-Series. 
#22968 Rebuilt B 6000 Meter $NA
#22973 Rebuilt B 6003 Meter $NA
#22969 Rebuilt B 6500 Meter $NA
#22974 Rebuilt B 6503 Meter $NA
#22970 Rebuilt B 7200 Meter $NA
#22975 Rebuilt B 7203 Meter $NA
#22971 Rebuilt A 9500 Meter (old style) $NA
#25523 Rebuilt B 9500 Meter ( new style)  $NA
#24492 Rebuilt B 9500, (body only) $NA
#25374 Rebuilt C 2500 Meter  $NA
#25375 Rebuilt C 2503 Meter  $NA
#25376 Rebuilt C 4100 Meter  $NA
#25377 Rebuilt C 4103 Meter  $NA