Cold-flo Mini-Converters

Save ammonia, permit shallower incorporation

Use either model with a conventional meter and manifold, such as the Meter Matic C-4103. Because NH3 is pressurized to each converter near the final outlet, distribution is uniform across width of the machine. Liquid and vapor are applied at near zero pressure and -28°F. Allows for shallow placement of ammonia -- four-inch minimum. Adaptable to tillage tools or conventional applicators. Lowest cost Cold-flo conversions for smaller implements. (Economics may favor large center-mounted K-2 unit for wide implements.)
(Serves one or two outlets)
Model K-2M Mini-Converter 
  • Serves one outlet (two with Flow-Splitter) 
  • Applies up to 100 lbs nitrogen with 30" spacing, 6 mph. 
  • Can be used as a Cold-flo NPN system

  • Specifications
  • Cold-flo Model K-2M 
  • Capacity: 235 lbs per hr 
  • Length Overall: 14.75" 
  • Width Overall: 8.5" 
  • Weight Each: 6.4 lbs 
#20204  N/A
Flow-Splitter for K-2M Mini-Converter 
#31039 $23.18

Typical K-2M Installation

(Single Outlet) 

  • (A) Approved 3/8-inch ammonia hose from flow regulator. Lines must be same length to all converters. 
  • (B) Liquid ammonia line. 
  • (C) Vapor line. 
  • (D) Liquid application tube. 
  • (E) Vapor application tube. To be welded to tube D. Opening must be 1" above liquid opening. 
  • (F) Applicator knife or chisel point. 
  • (G) Implement shank from tool bar. 
  • (H) Mounting bracket. 
  • (I) Auxilliary vapor vent.
Brackets for Cold-flo Model K-2M

Drilled for attaching converter to 2 1/2", 3" or 4" square frame bar. 

Long bracket for mounting converter to rear tool bar. Hardware included. 

Dimensions: 2" wide, 3/8" thick, 24" long 

20205 N/A

Short bracket for mounting converter to front tool bar. Hardware included. 

Dimensions: 2" wide, 3/8" thick, 8" long 

21085  $19.29

Cold-flo K-2 Converter, installed. GPAT provides complete kits -- some of which are shown on the following page. Or, we'll engineer a kit especially for your machine. 

Cold-flo K-2 Converter, installed. 

NOTE: Liquid delivery hoses for Cold-flo do not need to be equal lengths.