Fallow-Master Hitch

This hitch is custom designed to fit the new 28' and 42' frames. Mounts between treaders for easy hook-up. (Extensions are not required). U-bolts included. Shipped heavy freight. 

24375             $937.12

Straight Hitch

This hitch is designed to be used on machines that fold on center. Mounts straight over the top and off center slightly to allow machine to fold and flex without interference with the hitch. (Extensions not required.) U-Bolts included. Specify frame size. Shipped heavy freight. 

21465             $949.07

Universal Picker Hitch

Hitch pulls the tank from the frame, not from the pickers. May be mounted off-center depending upon the position of picker units. Slide out, right and left easy connect tongue. Includes meter stand. Shipped heavy freight.

24850               $794.60

Quinstar® Lazer Plow Hitch 

26390               $1142.62