Heavy  Duty A- Frame Hitch with lateral brace and meter-manifold stand. 40" length with extensions available. Recommemded for pulling large nurse tanks and for svere field conditions. Swivel tongue makes attaching the nurse tank easy (extends 8 1/2").

U- bolts included. specify frame size. Shipped UPS.


Drop Hitch this is the same hitch used on our 3-point applicator, and may be used as a replacement on our models or other similar equipment. Also suitable for use on tillage quipment when lower fongue position is required. U-bolts included. Specify frame size. Shipped UPS.


Row Type Cultivator Hitch w/Extensions

Designed to extend past floating cultivator mechanism. Telescoping tongue for easy hookup. Hardware included. (For 7" square frame members)
24930 N/A
24935 Hitch only        $619.32

  • Order above hitch with gusseted 12" extensions to fit Quinstar® and Buffalo® rippers. Blue-Jet® rippers require (#20206) A-Frame hitch. 
  • Order above hitch with gusseted 18" extensions to fit Orthman® ripper. 
  • Order above hitch with 18" extensions and a (#35378) 3" x 40" sq. bar to fit Acra-Plant® ripper. 
  • Order above hitch with 2' extensions to fit Landoll® Soilsaver.
  • Order above hitch with 42" extensions and use a (#31110) 2 1/2" x 40" bar with (#24505) hardware for Sukup® Cultivators. 
  • Order above hitch with 57" extensions, special braces, and a (#31110) 2 1/2" x 40" bar for IH® 184 Cultivators. 
  • Order (#20206) A-Frame hitch with 2 ft. extensions and (#32213) 54" bar for IH® 353 Cultivators. 
  • Order above hitch and extensions for Wetherell® 2700 Cultivator w/straight shanks. 
  • Order above hitch with extensions and a 3" bar with U-bolts for Lilliston® Cultivator. 

Drop Swivel Tongue
Tongue slides out, right and left for easy connecting to tank. Can be used as a stand alone hitch with various equipment.