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Our 55,000 sq. ft. of factory space on a 17 acre site is ideally suited for manufacturing for parts and equipment.

Golden Plains Ag Tech grew out of the needs of customers like you who routinely face new challenges in fertilizer and chemical application. Our goal is to help you find solutions to these problems with new innovative products and new uses for old products.

Golden Plains started by supplying equipment for NH3 application and later expanded to liquid and spraying equipment. Fertilizer dealers, implement dealers, and farmers throughout North America look to Golden Plains for specialized products to maximize the utility of every dollar they spend. In fact, we believe we can meet your needs at reasonable prices faster, more knowledgeably, and more accurately than anyone else in the business.

Golden Plains is best known for the Diamond Star® fertilizer knife which we pioneered in the mid 70's to provide wear resistance and performance far superior to the conventional hard faced knives of the time. Our patented product has since become the industry standard. No one can sell a fertilizer knife today that measures up to the Diamond Star® standards, and the old conventional hard faced fertilizer knife has disappeared.

Golden Plains is proud of our contribution to your efficiency with the Diamond Star® knife line, but we have gone on to provide solutions to many new challenges to the fertilizer application industry. We were the first company to offer machines and components for dual application of phosphates and NH3, and we are continuing today to develop new solutions that fit the ever changing requirements for economical and environmentally compatible handling of fertilizer and chemicals.

Golden Plains cooperates with farmers, dealers, and Universities as we work on the new technologies of the future. We want to be the first in line and ready whenever something new is developed. We hope you will join us, use our products, and tell us about your problems. We will listen and search for the solutions that will help to secure your success.

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