SALES NOTE: You should note we sell tubes for bolt on frogs and 100 degree sweeps along with the standard weld-on frog that is 75 degrees. Most of the time (95%) people need the standard 75 degree weld on frog. Roughly 2% fall into the other categories of bolt on frog or 100 degree. Many times customers will ask for bolt on frog because they want to bolt on the tube, but both styles bolt on, the weld on just refers to the way the "standard" and the "frogs" are attached.

The multiple outlets on the NH3 sweep tubes are graduated in size to uniformly divide the NH3 across the sweep. The liquid outlets are in general spacial 14" to 15" apart. We picked this spacing to coincide with recommendations from Kansas State and Colorado University. They told us to stay between 10 and 18 inches. Getting outside of 18" would cause streaking in wheat below 12" apart, and inside of 10" was losing the band effect - it was more like broadcasting. We choose to go right in the middle to ensure no streaking and to give you the stronger band of fertilizer.

The tubes come with straps or clips to keep them behind the shank. This will keep trash from building on them and from bending the tubes. Blowing the tubes out with air at seasons end ius probably the best maintenance. Clearing with water is also ok, but it could promote rusting, so air is best.