In order to use this page you first need to know these are just samples or starting points. To get a kit that works on your tillage tool you will have to add tubes or knives. You may also need to substitute parts, like a different hitch to fit you specific tool or meter to get the rate per acre you need.

To get a feel of how it works here is an example. Let's say you are looking for an NH3 kit for a 30ft chisel 12" spacing. It has harrows pulled behind it and you want to apply 200" of N per acre.

You need to decide if you want to go on 12" or 24" spacing. If you pick 12" , then you need either 30 DS 152A knives (better fert. placement) or 30 TB, 7 to mount behind your chisel spike (better tillage). The TB 7A would also work on a chisel sweep.

Next step would be to go to kit B, because it would require fewer changes than kit C. The meter in kit B would not work well at your rate per acre, so subtract it and add the 9500 from kit C. The manifolds and rings with 15 outlets (price stay the same). The hitch would have to be changed to a #21465 straight hitch to go out over your harrows. Other options to add would be plastic ties #14648 to tie hoses down, a 10375 dust cap, and hydraulic hoses for the shut-off. We suggest you mount everything then measure and cut hoses to length.

During office hours you can call our Toll-Free number and we will do the design work for you.

Note: Your size of machine and rate per acre require more than 5000 lbs. per hour substitute a 1 1/4" quick coupler in place of the 1".

* The manifolds in this kit are designed to give you the optimum in row to row division - check their page for more info.